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Queue Publisher filtering in Tridion 8.5

The SDL Tridion Management Console is where we can configure a publisher server filtering. To do this, the publisher filter allows us to control publishing in each publisher server for different purposes. We can enter the Tridion Publication Target ID into the Publication Targets field to restrict the processing of publishing tasks to specific targets. But if you have upgraded to Topology Manager there is no GUI to be able… Read More »Queue Publisher filtering in Tridion 8.5

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XSLT Filter Templates

Web editors need to be able to copy and paste rich text without unwanted markup that can break their published pages. This problem is solved by configuring an appropriate XSLT transform. Yet this is not as simple as it sounds as we can see over 200 questions about XSLT filters on the Tridion Stack Exchange website. In this post, we explain the steps required to configure an XSLT filter to… Read More »XSLT Filter Templates